I have an incredible wife named Kimberly, and together we have two fantastic sons and are very active at Grace Family Church where I serve in music ministry. I work in TV and media production as part of an Investigative Team for a consumer advocacy law firm, James-Hoyer.

My unique brand of television post production, shooting and editing has been broadcast all over the country in both national and local feature programming. Logging more than a decade of television experience I’ve worked with a broad client base including Discovery Channel, The History Channel, ESPN, FOX, America's Most Wanted and Outback Steakhouse. I began my television career as a Music Producer providing original soundtrack scoring for local, independent and network programs and in 1996 expanded into non-linear video editing and post production. Tools of the trade have changed over the years from Discreet Edit*, Avid and Premiere, to DPS VelocityHD and currently Apple's Final Cut Pro Studio. Of all production suites I’ve used or setup, I prefer the new Apple MacPro platform - I think that to date it is far and away the best integration of software and hardware engineered with the creative professional in mind.

Prior to joining James-Hoyer's Investigative Media Team in 2006, I worked at WEDU-TV Tampa's PBS station as a Producer for documentaries, station branding and image spots. I’ve received 4 Emmy Awards and served as Production Designer for WEDU's local magazine series program "A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins" which garnered 6 Emmy Awards during my tenure.


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Current Favorite Artists

  1. 1.Remy Zero

  2. 2.Mute Math

  3. 3.Death Cab for Cutie

  4. 4.The Decemberists

  5. 5.Starsailor

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